carrie mae weems

Carrie Mae Weems examines escalating racial tensions two years after Michael Brown's death.
When we love the Jewish child and the Palestinian child, the Muslim and the Christian, and the Hindu and the Buddhist, and those who have no faith but they love this nation, we are reviving the heart of our democracy.
In "Historical Correction," Maxine Helfman replaces the faces of Flemish nobles with those of modern men and women of color.
Just prior to the Arthamptons opening, I met with Ruth Appelhof, Executive Director of Guild Hall, who will receive the Arthamptons Lifetime Achievement Award on July 5. Over eggs Benedict at the Maidstone in East Hampton, we talked.
Do you consider long and hard before purchasing a piece or do you buy on impulse? Does your collection have a particular historic or geographic focus or does it follow the whims of your personal taste?
Although only in its infancy, Prospect New Orleans has garnered worldwide attention as an innovative and important contemporary art biennial with its latest rendition.
Tavares Strachan's "You Belong Here" While Whitney Chief Curator Donna De Salvo dubbed 2013's biennial "one of the broadest
As women's history month draws to a conclusion, I have been reflecting on what it means to expand the work of feminism to better include diverse perspectives and narratives.
Most of us who have ever wandered the halls of an art museum have felt the uncanny power of experiencing a multitude of voices
Confidence exudes from Weems' photographs with almost a polite quality, planting one foot in the male-dominated art world and the other in the role of a socio-racial historian.
12. Behavioral economist Colin Camerer, 53 Ratmansky is an artist in residence at the American Ballet Theatre known for re
Art... has represented the United States in its embassies and consulates around the world by putting our "best foot forward" in the spirit of creativity and cooperation among nations and showcasing some of America's most respected contemporary artists.
I would be hard pressed to think of anyone in the visual arts who has done more to make public the centuries old discrimination of race and gender, the oppressive effects of power, the intricacies of domesticity and our general sense of place as human beings than Carrie Mae Weems.
When did you realize that being black meant a different kind of beauty from the rest of America? How did the "Posing Beauty
The rise of feminism corresponds roughly with the expansion of the artworld to include women's production. This is a history that began predominantly in impelling women's art as an expression of the identification of women apart from men.