carrie mathison

The saga of CIA agent Carrie Mathison will conclude next year, Showtime's president and CEO says.
The actress said Season 8 will be the last.
How will we be able to trust -- and check -- a president who is indifferent to the truth? The current season of the television
"This is a show where you can have two strong characters with completely opposite points of view and they're both right. It
The good news, as Hochberg-Marom explains, is that our knowledge of e-marketing is vast. It is a discipline we are not only
While watching season four, I feel like slapping myself for getting so caught up in a tale of fiction and for not dismissing stereotypes when I had the chance.
Ever since Homeland premiered, fans of Showtime's extraordinary gem have been dying to say it "Jumped The Shark."
"Homeland" shocked viewers when [SPOILER ALERT] it killed off major character Nicholas Brody in the Season 3 finale. At the
By having a main character like Carrie depicted so accurately and compassionately on a hit television show, bipolar is being brought out of the closet. Now people are talking about it, admitting to having it, and sharing the type of information that can help others know that it can be managed.