carrie remake

Pierce's version is in most respects more realistically grounded. Whereas De Palma went for broader characterization, particularly in his villains, Pierce shows some nuance.
By Michael Lopez Pulling in a hefty $16 million over the weekend, MGM’s "Carrie" has proven to be an impressive Halloween
Remaking the horror classic "Carrie" might be scary enough for some people, but replacing Sissy Spacek with Gary Busey? Now
Despite the best efforts of Chloë Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore, this new film shows that sometimes a good girl should
Not sure if this was the best way to go with the "Carrie" remake, but it certainly makes it different... and you WILL remember
The patrons at Manhattan coffee shop 'Snice got more than they bargained for in the above video, which appears to show a woman with telekinetic abilities totally freaking the heck out and wreaking havoc in the shop.
[h/t Mashable] We'll admit it: We knew it was fake from the start, and it still gave us the willies. The patrons at Manhattan
Need added reason to appreciate your mom this Mother's Day? Hollywood has the solution. We've seen an abundance of wonderful
The spooky clip sets footage of screaming and banging doors to the sounds of Julianne Moore singing. "In every neighborhood
La película es dirigida por Kimberly Pierce, quien se hizo famosa por la cinta de 1999 "Boys Don't Cry", que le mereció a