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One word: ROUGH! Then, it came time for the work force. As a teenager I would cling to what I knew: boyfriend, good grades
Carrots are another vegetable that can be used top to root -- the peelings too. There is nothing as fragrant and rich as fresh carrot tops and I often offer to take a bag full of discarded tops from farmers who dutifully remove them for many of their customers.
"People think I've had plastic surgery -- no, it just takes a lot of makeup to make me look good," the comedian jokes in
Twitter chief executive and former improv comic Dick Costolo couldn't help but drop a joke into his recent spat with Stanford professor Vivek Wadhwa, who accused Costolo's company of "male chauvinistic thinking" for lacking women in the most powerful positions.
So we asked the obvious question: What does Carrot Top think about all this? Yes, that means Carrot Top was headlining in
"She's got a place in the Bahamas as well," Twain said. "When I'm done, I think I'm just gonna drop in. You know, just drop
"Let's just pretend I'm going for the 'fiery redhead' thing and call it a day."
Not since New Coke have we as a nation seen a disaster that both sides of the aisle can agree on. America is now unanimously and officially outraged that the IRS would have the audacity to target political groups -- groups that publicly despise taxes and call for the end of the IRS.
Zizi Howell took center stage on the latest installment of "My Crazy Obsession" (Wed., 10 p.m. ET on TLC) -- not to be confused
Check out Carrot Top over the years: Since his primetime TV spots, the comedian has, more or less, faded into the whitewashed
Comedian Carrot Top will be joining the likes of Barry Manilow and Celine Dion with his own show on the Vegas Strip, but
The best conference speakers aren't the ones with a ground-breaking message. The ones you remember are funny.
Who is Sarah Ball and why is she saying awful things about Emo Phillips? And, why is she not saying awful things about Robin Williams?
Papers filed by humorists in Federal Court accuse the GOP, conservative bloggers, Fox News, and CNBC of "crossing the line in self parody" and "creating a situation that is difficult to satire" by acting "so effing weird."
The most trusted name in complete insanity, Chuck Norris, the actor whose manliness came to the forefront of our culture via a t-shirt worn by frat boys, has decided he's going to run for "President of Texas."