carry-on luggage

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Travel bags come in many shapes and sizes. Now, they can transform into entirely new pieces of luggage, too. For $100, you
We've all been there -- packing for a trip that requires just enough clothing to make taking a carry-on bag problematic, but
When you're traveling, it's certainly possible to cram the essentials into any old carry-on bag, but when you're on the go
Enter Lo & Sons' line of overnight bags. These handy carry ons not only have a separate pouch for your laptop, they also
I'd never heard from the United and Delta media relations people before (hey, I've only been writing and/or tweeting about air travel for 25 years). But I sure got an earful.
Hilton writes that he hopes the photos will draw attention to both passengers who ignore carry-on sizing rules and airlines
As if the sheer horror of lost luggage isn't enough incentive for families to pack carry-on luggage only, now nearly all airlines are charging checked baggage fees. How to avoid them? Fly carry-on only... yes, even with kids.
HAS an airline ever lost or damaged your suitcase? Want to know what really happens to your bags when you wave them goodbye
For my honeymoon, I packed two large suitcases. We were off to Paris. It was winter, and I thought I needed every coat in my closet. Nearly twelve years later, it's all about carry-on luggage, and I still don't wear everything I bring. That's progress, but it took years of practice.
- One pair shoes - Two pair socks - Running tights - Blue jeans - Nicer pants worn over the top of other pants or on head
Each year, Travelzoo's Deal Experts log hundreds of thousands of miles in the air, traveling from office to office as well as taking part in Travelzoo's Experience program, where we take the same vacations booked by our 25 million subscribers worldwide. Along the way, we've racked up our favorite travel essentials: that one thing that we wouldn't leave home without.
The limited edition "TEGRA-LITE" attache can literally repel bullets, the company says, using a polypropylene composite designed
Allegiant Air announced on Monday that it would start charging passengers $35 for carry-on luggage by Wednesday. According
Before you jump to the conclusion that airlines are merely trying to force you to check your bag and collect a checked bag fee, consider: Heavy bags can indeed become dangerous when they fall from bins.
Surprisingly, a number of airlines, mostly foreign-based ones, have limits on carry-on bags, some as low as 15 pounds. Here's what you need to know.
Jordan demonstrated his newest invention, the 33-pocket Carry-On Coat to Clark Howard to show how much time and money you