Cartagena, Colombia

“I was punched. I‘m fine," he joked with bruises visible on his face.
Founded by the Spanish in 1533, Cartagena grew quickly to become a thriving seaport. At one time it was second only to Mexico City in commercial importance in the Western Hemisphere. Today Colombia's best-known city on the Caribbean is also an appealing coastal retirement option.
Cartagena's days as a Spanish colonial port on the Caribbean Sea left it with a romantic walled town and fortifications that
I realized after the first six to seven years of trial and error that we cannot change the broader cultural and economic problems such as social disparity, limited access to services and entrenched cultural norms that these girls face.
Nope, those aren't seals. Relaxation junkies flock from far and wide to "climb up the 50-foot (15-meter) volcano, accessible
The 24-year-old Dania Londono Suarez told NBC that the Secret Service agents seemed accustomed to soliciting women, saying
One of the Secret Service supervisors who was forced out of the agency this week for his involvement in the Colombia prostitution
The woman, who did not give her full name, tells the NYT that her dispute with the American agent came about at the Hotel
A Secret Service source told Reuters the employees involved were support personnel and not part of the advance team, so they
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