Cartographers have a range of tricks to distill landscapes into two-dimensional narratives -- and the results are visually stunning.
"I never set out to 'be something' -- I've worked as an actor, bartender, waiter, researcher, music supervisor, personal trainer -- I have to admit that Cartography is a total accident, a surprise business built on happenstance."
The current methods deployed by the UN to measure urbanity through population count is an epistemologically identical and empirically unjustified equivalent of a system conceived half a century ago, one that relies on questionable methodologies to homogenize the heterogeneous "urban" cohort.
It's no secret that we at Dot & Bo love industrial design for its dark and gritty nature. However, with all of that weathered wood, cast iron, and steel, it can sometimes feel a little one dimensional. That's why we love the trend of incorporating maps as decor into industrial homes.
Your favorite books come to life in Andrew DeGraff's Plotted.
The first of many surprises in the work of Christine Weir are the acrobatic surface variations she achieves using only graphite.
For more on all things DPLA, check out their Reddit postings here. Stream Of Time, Or Chart Of Universal History, 1842 Have
When is the last time you used hand-drawn directions to navigate from one location to another? In the age of Google Maps
In 2009, cartographer and writer Becky Cooper embarked on a journey across the length of Manhattan, handing out blank, hand
When it comes to map collecting, I am the epitome of an obsessive-compulsive, borderline maniacal fanatic in every respect.
We need maps that people enjoy spending time with; maps that they'll voluntarily look at long enough to learn something.
You know the old line about the Great Wall of China being the only manmade object visible from outer space? Now Google Maps and Google Earth are bringing the whole world into focus, right down to an acre's worth of Ireland.
I'll look to see if there are pre-existing maps. Usually, for cities, there are. In that case, I prioritize things like parks
Glenn Kaino's works are amalgamations of odd parts. Like a mad scientist at work, he incorporates computer science, comics
"Eisenhower Interstate System in the style of H.C. Beck's London Underground Diagram," 2011 version If you've ever wondered
For several millenia, maps were basically a static medium. The content changed as Europeans discovered the width and breadth
Education was something else in the 18th century. W. B. Sandys was just nine years old when he penned a volume titled Ancient Maps and Universal History.
Maps can be complicated things; they can obscure more than they reveal, depending on who is using it and what is understood