Aimee Phan: I'm specifically thinking about Barack Obama's recent visit to Vietnam. Whenever the relationship between Vietnam
An eclectic artist herself, Louise knows a little something about both the joy and struggle of the artist's life.
Filmmaker Leah Wolchok delved into The New Yorker cartoon submission process and discovered a peculiar fact.
This year, it is Raif Badawi -- jailed, publicly lashed, and fined for standing up to the Saudi monarchy -- who is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, alongside his also-imprisoned lawyer and brother-in-law Waleed Abulkhair.
Archie Comics' editor in chief described Tom Moore as "a cartoonist's cartoonist."
Stephan has one of the most popular comic strips around; his tipping point was when Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert comic strip, noticed his work and mentioned it in a blog post. The rest is history.
The New York City-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has come out with a new report that deals with the challenges faced by cartoonists across the globe. In light of the attack on French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo last January, a report of this nature is quite timely.
Satire: Somebody's going to be offended. (And...?)
* If warnings don't work, then kill - Islamic State fighter By Ali Abdelaty and Maggie Fick In Lebanon, satirists say things
Tignous was an illustrator, who, according to Slate, authored eight books. Cabu, 76, was a fixture at Charlie Hebdo whom
My friends and family have known for years that I am a character and a cartoon, but now I can cut loose some real proof. My "Don't Fart in an MRI" inspired Lola, the sassy curmudgeon of the daily comic pages, to assume the position and copy me.
Women cartoonists are finally drawing a fine line and earning righful rewards for their work. Stay tooned.
Wouldn’t a great artist not worry about that and try to see as objectively or as clearly as they can? Maybe I’m just white
The documentary Dear Mr. Watterson explores what makes Calvin & Hobbes so special, beloved, and influential, and why its creator was willing to take on newspapers and the comics industry not only to serve his creation, but comics in general.
Emin Milli. Photo Credit: Emin Milli Chongqing Communist Party boss, Bo Xilai, the subject of Chinese blogger Fang Hong's