cary elwes

The star of Cruz's favorite film called him a "miserable ROUS" ― the name of a giant rat from the 1987 classic.
Westley tells Texas senator he could watch live-streamed cast reunion if only he could get out of the fire swamp.
The Dread Pirate Roberts himself is speaking out against reports of a possible redo of the beloved classic.
The actor talked about the inspiration behind Mayor Larry Kline, Twitter and the thrills in Season 3.
Beloved by millions of fans (which includes Bill Clinton and and the late Pope John Paul II), the American Film Institute ranks The Princess Bride in the top 100 Greatest Love Stories.
The cast and crew were forced to think on their feet on the day that R.O.U.S. fight scene was filmed.
In an interview, Elwes explained that he was in Berlin when he found out he would be auditioning for Reiner, to play what would be his first lead role.
Written and directed by Alonso Mayo, The Story of Luke is certainly not the only film to feature an autistic character. However, unlike many previous examples, Luke (Lou Taylor Pucci) is neither hopeless, helpless, noncommunicative, nor a savant.
Really? I haven't. No, I haven't. It's described that you told him to hit you as hard as he could -- and he did and you had