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The Dread Pirate Roberts himself is speaking out against reports of a possible redo of the beloved classic.
The actor talked about the inspiration behind Mayor Larry Kline, Twitter and the thrills in Season 3.
Beloved by millions of fans (which includes Bill Clinton and and the late Pope John Paul II), the American Film Institute ranks The Princess Bride in the top 100 Greatest Love Stories.
The cast and crew were forced to think on their feet on the day that R.O.U.S. fight scene was filmed.
In an interview, Elwes explained that he was in Berlin when he found out he would be auditioning for Reiner, to play what would be his first lead role.
Written and directed by Alonso Mayo, The Story of Luke is certainly not the only film to feature an autistic character. However, unlike many previous examples, Luke (Lou Taylor Pucci) is neither hopeless, helpless, noncommunicative, nor a savant.
I can't even count the number of times I've been chastised for not seeing 'The Princess Bride.' I don't even really have an excuse, other than my eight-year-old self in 1987 was more interested in 'Star Wars' and 'The NeverEnding Story' than a movie about a princess being kidnapped. It sounded boring, and how could anything trump the kid-appealing glory of 'The Goonies'?
I still laugh every time that The Albino clears his throat and his voice changes. Watching it again, what scene made you
25 years ago, the very idea that there might actually be an audience out there for The Princess Bride was -- for executives at 20th Century Fox, anyway -- inconceivable.
Coming of age is never easy. When we first see Luke in The Story of Luke, he is getting ready to attend his Grandma's funeral and to leave the only home he has ever known. His suitcase is packed.
This week, that vision came in the form of guest star Cary Elwes as a World War I codebreaker. He was on hand, fully self
Meanwhile on ABC, David Arquette will star in "The Smart One," Portia de Rossi's new sitcom. According to TVLine, Arquette
But as this is "Psych," they kept it pretty light throughout. Plus, even though DNA evidence said otherwise, the audience
I'm not going to go into all the subplots, except to say that they all end as happily as you know they will from the very start.
Variety reports that Bana will play Elvis in "Elvis & Nixon," which will be based on the bizarre-but-true story of the time
The movie is laughingly rated R for profanity and violence. I scored "Saw 3D" a serrated 0 out of 10. The plot concerns a