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"I can order whatever I want, whenever I want."
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For when you need to take the high road.
Here’s a look back on the top 10 YouTube videos of the year.
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Who needs augmented reality when you have... reality?
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Viral video maker Casey Neistat glides through the Big Apple's big storm.
Although fans and followers flock to the channels of popular vloggers, there are some smaller creators just starting out on YouTube that have a spectacular amount of potential (not to mention a solid fanbase already). These filmmakers and creators who are just starting out have a lot to offer the Internet -- a lot more than we expected.
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Kurt Vonnegut has written almost 20 bestselling books. His book Cat's Cradle is required reading in almost every high school. I love him. But... he was a total failure.
We closed the week by catching up with filmmaker Casey Neistat, who delivered a keynote at SXSW Film. Neistat has more than 250 thousand subscribers on YouTube, and his films have garnered upwards of 10 million views.
With endless slush rivers and freezing temperatures plaguing this winter, New Yorkers have grown disenchanted with the sight
According to Neistat, Fox was pleased with his efforts. "I wasn't dealing with the entire studio, I was dealing with one
This isn't just anyone's wedding, however. In the video description, he describes the ceremony as an "amazing, lovely, charming
On Friday, Apple released its new iPhone 5S to customers. But for many, the launch day was the culmination of many days spent
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Filmmaker Casey Neistat recognizes that things aren't always going to go right. Bad things happen to good people, regardless
Very few of us are lucky enough to accept work based solely on affinity for a product or the idea behind it. But for filmmaker
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