Trump was seen boarding Air Force One in California with cash hanging from his back pocket, and people were curious why the president would need it.
President Donald Trump’s “Salute To America” event featured tanks and flyovers and cost the Pentagon $1.2 million.
The annual July 4th celebration in Washington, D.C., featured President Donald Trump staying on script instead of going after Democrats, like some White House staffers feared he would do.
The president is set to hijack the usually bipartisan July 4th celebration in Washington.
The president is set to hijack the usually bipartisan July 4th celebration in Washington.
"Unless you’re poor, it’s hard to understand what it’s like to be poor."
Meanwhile, the buying has stalled at kirana stores and subzi mandis around the country. Supply chain transactions, real estate
Finally, humanitarian organizations need to better understand the cost of everything they do. Few people would buy an apartment
That means renewable energy tariffs, socially-invested savings accounts and pensions in sustainability-led funds that perform
The adoption of new products and services requires changes in behavior, but habits and quirks of our minds conspire against
The problem that I had was that I wanted the deals online, but with using cash I had a real problem with getting those deals without going over budget. I found some Ninja tricks that worked for me and wanted to share them with you.
Productivity in the workplace is on the decline. But not your productivity, right? Last year, output per worker decreased by 1.9 percent, and overall, workplace productivity has grown at only half of the rate in this decade that it did in the last. Productivity is a critical component of success in business.
Despite what we know about the government and its history of corruption, bumbling, fumbling and data breaches, not to mention how easily technology can be used against us, the campaign to do away with cash is really not a hard sell.
At some point around 2,600 years ago, probably in Lydia (modern-day Turkey), the first coins were developed. Seigniorage
Alex Reichmann is a counterfeit money expert and CEO of, where he has worked with hundreds of business owners
By using blockchain technology, the speed of sending and receiving invoices will increase dramatically. In fact, transactions
It's been nearly 300 years since paper money became accepted as legal tender. While much has changed about how we make, sell
In many ways, however, millennials are more financially responsible than the Generation Xers and baby boomers who came before
By Andrew Lisa, Contributor Survey after survey shows that most Americans have very little money saved for an emergency. That