Cash Transfers

Without basic economic security, people often behave selfishly and vote irresponsibly.
GiveDirectly has a straightforward approach to helping the world's poorest people: just give them cash, no strings attached
They've given away $15 million and counting, and the results have been extraordinary.
A growing body of evidence suggests that social protection measures -- with cash grants leading the way -- are, in fact, an innovative, efficient way of reducing poverty. Are they the most effective? Perhaps. What's certainly clear is that, far from being a cost, they have become an investment.
In a country where approximately 85 percent of daily market traders are women, Ebola prevention measures are having a drastic impact on their livelihoods and economic security.
Like many things, there may be a time and a place for using subsidies. But they need to be better targeted. And, often, there will be better alternatives. Alternatives that do a better job of protecting the poor.