“I got very upset, I was crying, I threw up two or three times.”
The beauty in this is that you can flavor it however you like by tossing chile flakes, garlic, fresh herbs and the like into the food processor. Or try a sweet, mascarpone-like version by adding a few dates and a dash of vanilla extract. Anything's fair game.
And they couldn't be easier to make.
I discovered these about 5 years ago along with the raw community, searching for a pasta alternative with a bit more crunch and texture than spiralized squash.
It was just the thing I needed: creamy, nutty, slightly sweet and layers of textures with that fundamental taste of chai.
We thought we would put together some of our favorite foods that deliver a similar taste/texture to cheese and other dairy.
It requires no more than a few strands to infuse any dish with its warm aroma and hues of yellow-gold.
Every bite is a riot of flavors, textures, temperatures.