The campaign event headlined by White House spiritual adviser Paula White led to a $250 fine against the Ahern Hotel for violating coronavirus prevention rules.
Even though President Donald Trump claims to be a great dealmaker, A New York Times report found his businesses lost millions of dollars between over $1 billion from 1985 to 1994.
The driver lost control of the Alabama tour bus after crossing an icy overpass, witnesses said.
The cashier assumed the robber was actually white because his skin tone appeared irregular and blotchy.
"There is perhaps one word I should try to cut out of my vernacular."
Trump has a gaming license for his Las Vegas hotel, but Reid says if he wanted to use it, the state would not let him.
"They don't look like Indians to me."
When Americans elect a president, they want a leader who will look out for the little guy, not take advantage of him. Exploiting the little guy - and everybody else - to make a buck for himself is Donald Trump's M.O.
The vibrating sex toy led to evacuations and street closure.
Screenwriter Matt Stone told me that, while the book was written for Tommy's existing fans, his goal is to "...write a movie