casserole recipes

For relaxed Sundays, meatless Mondays and all the days in between, these unexpected meals combine delicious ingredients all in one dish, so you can spoon them straight onto hungry eaters' plates.
Because let's be honest: The best part of any baked dish is the ooey, gooey melted cheese.
These dishes highlight the best produce of the season.
These delicious dishes serve many, and are a luxurious way to ease into your day.
Your farmers market haul is great for making salads -- but it can also play a starring role in these bake-it-all-in-one-dish dinners.
Cold nights are made for these warming one-dish dinners.
With a low degree of difficulty and a high level of deliciousness, these recipes define unfussy comfort food.
These ones are worth a second chance.
No matter what you celebrate, kugel is an epic holiday comfort food.
The most popular protein in America is the star of this warm and bubbly one-pot dinner. Plus, four more baked dishes using