“This guy with no clothes was running out of the cave, waving his arms out.”
Three others, including a pregnant woman, did not survive.
Jose Salvador Alvarenga said he was so hungry during the ordeal that he ate his own fingernails.
Soak up barefoot island life and explore the pristine surroundings of these idyllic spots.
All of TIGHAR artifacts can be quite easily proven to be nothing to do with Amelia Earhart, which is unsurprising considering that their theory makes no logical sense. Earhart's radio messages from just before she disappeared show clearly that she was in the general vicinity of her destination.
No one wants to truly be a castaway. But if the idea of being shipwrecked on a tropical island excites your imagination, you
Even for secularist me, Rosh Hashana packs surprising power. I use the season to resolve old debts and squabbles and note my recent accomplishments and failings.