Caster Semenya

Olympic champion Caster Semenya is speaking out against fellow female athletes that have not supported her during her fight over her testosterone levels with athletic authorities.
The two-time Olympic champion has been locked in a battle over her testosterone levels with athletics authorities.
The Olympic champion's lawyers say the Swiss supreme court ordered the IAAF, track’s governing body, to suspend its testosterone regulations.
Sports regulators said the Olympic gold medalist runner would have to take medication to suppress her natural testosterone levels.
Olympic track and field champion Caster Semenya will now be forced to take medication to lower her natural, unusually high testosterone levels if she wants to compete against other women.
Olympic 800m runner Caster Semenya lost a landmark case against the International Association of Athletics Federations on Wednesday.
Administrators, coaches, media, the public -- all of us must stop drawing arbitrary boxes around black athletes and insisting they stay in them.
Women's sports should be about the destruction of gender norms, not reinforcing them.
Officials grapple again with fair competition and gender definition.
She was widely favored to win, and she delivered.
Our society is still afraid of women who run too fast, who speak too loud, who are too good, who can be president. This is what this is about. Let's not be bamboozled by discussions of fairness in sports.
Better late than never, one could say. The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) announced yesterday that the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) regulations on Hyperandrogenism have been suspended until further evidence can be provided.
In a victory for individual athletes over governing bodies, sport's highest court has suspended IAAF rules governing women who have high levels of male hormones.
Sport's highest court has suspended IAAF rules governing women who have high levels of male hormones.
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According to the new IOC rules, the test won't be administered to all female athletes but only when "the chief medical officer of a national Olympic committee or a member of the IOC's medical commission requests it." This will disadvantage any woman perceived as not sufficiently feminine.
2012-04-18-Screenshot20120418at12.28.13PM.jpgWhat makes us male or female? What happens when our biological gender is out of sync with our gender identity?
The Caster Semenya controversy has been sullied by innuendo -- rumors about the athlete's intention to pretend that she is a female. It may be that this remarkable athlete is simply at one end of the bell curve of "femaleness."