With a magical setting inside a 19th-century castle, the Parador de Cardona is straight out of fairy tale. The castle offers
Ballanacky Castle, watercolor on paper 10" x 8" I have a major museum commission for MASS MoCA , but before I came back to
After landing at Heathrow, I stopped to see Hatfield House, the childhood home of Queen Elisabeth I, and a great example
For Condé Nast Traveler, by Caitlin Morton and Katherine LaGrave. 4. Chillingham Castle, England Regarded as Britain’s most
I always find Tintagel Castle, on the rugged coast in Southwest England, evocative and brooding...especially in gloomy weather
The sun is setting on the foothills of the Alps. Overseeing vast meadows with tiny lanes and lazy cows is the fairy-tale
4. John Lennon Wall 2. Trdelnik (Pastry) The College Tourist 5. €9 Thai Massage (yes, €9) We visited the castle after we
The very eccentric Ferdinand Cheval (his real name) built a striking palace entirely made of pebbles he collected on his postal work route. He was a modest 19th-century postman in the town of Hauterives, in the Drome region, a rural and remote part of France
The Castle fandom does not want to see the show they loved go down in flames. They want the show to end on a high note that
Walt Disney couldn't have dreamed up a more charming fairytale city than Segovia, Spain. Pass beneath the ruins of its massive Roman aqueduct, to discover an ancient walled city filled with medieval squares, soaring churches, and a storybook castle.
We went to Faro, Lisbon, & Sintra. Faro is at the bottom of Portugal and is a super cute fishing town. I had the best salmon of my life in Faro. Lisbon is HUGE and filled with some seriously awesome graffiti, a kick ass aquarium and funky streets everywhere.
The massive castle dates back to the year 1110.
Valued and insured at $8.5 million, The Astolat Dollhouse Castle is now on public display for the holiday season at at Time
They loom large in our imaginations either as the one-time residences of European kings and queens or as places where crowds gather and snap a selfie with Mickey (we're looking at you, Disney!). Yet there are castles all over the United States.
The Frankenstein family died out in 1602. The castle fell into ruin in the 19th century and, along with many ruined castles of Germany, became inspiration for poets, authors, and artists traveling through the country during the Romantic area.
A change of location can feed both body and mind. There is so much to see and do around the globe. The only question becomes where to begin.