Current Cuba-Russia relations, especially in light of a Trump presidency, are truly a riddle, wrapped in mystery inside an
While publically Castro revelled in his role as the enemy of the West, in private, I saw a different side.
The President backed off, but his views on press irresponsibility festered. This informed his decision to try to kill those
Chanel landed in Havana, their first show in Latin America. From the moment their boat docked, loaded with aforementioned celebrities and models, Chanel put out all the stops for its "Cruise 2017" collection.
SM: Cuba, for its part, says it is ready to tackle this issue, but on the condition that the human rights situation in the
SL: The economic sanctions constitute the main obstacle to the development of the country. They are unanimously condemned
It wasn't all glitz and glamour, but it was a dream come true, Chip Somodevilla said.
The idea of human rights has become so expansive and that there is no longer any rational basis for determining what is and what is not a human right. But to preserve their meaning and what enforcement is possible, human rights need to remain clearly defined and apart from politics.
The nation's press praised the U.S. president, but warned that the country would not give up its political identity.
Part of being a tourist in Cuba is sorting out the puzzle of its ideology and its struggling economy. With the country opening up to tourism, softening its controls on society, and preparing for the inevitable end of the Castro era, traveling here is filled with fun and curious insights.
It would be nice if someone in the White House and State Department twisted the money spigot off on this dumb waste of taxpayer money before BBG awards this contract and puts the larger purposes of President Obama's diplomatic achievement with Cuba at risk.
It makes me wonder what would have happened if our government had not sponsored, suborned, tolerated and turned a blind eye
For the first time since 1956, an American President has held substantive discussions with a Cuban head of state. The world is now poised for Barack Obama's next Orwellian gambit: Removing Cuba from Washington's list of state sponsors of terrorism.
Not only is Cuba's tourism infrastructure way behind the times, the country could not be in a more competitive tourism region; Caribbean nations, some of which rely almost entirely on tourism dollars, have long since written the book when it comes to satisfying every last whim.
Gross may not have been an American spy. But he was surely a U.S. government agent who got caught on the job breaking Cuban law. Now that he's home, his continued lawsuit against the government that saved his life, paid him millions and made him a celebrity, is nothing less than Gross ingratitude.
Each week now, the gates that have kept U.S. travelers from visiting Cuba are creaking open just a little more. If Paris Hilton -- who popped up in Havana this week unexpectedly -- can get there now, anyone can. Right?
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Despite federal policies in education, it is clear that there is a high correlation in the United States between the education achievement gap and poverty.