cat behavior

Animal behavior experts say the study shows cats pay attention to what you say and they're learning from it.
She ain't making challah bread!
You have some options open to you that go beyond taking your feline to the animal shelter or rehoming her. First, learn just why all cats scratch. Second, learn to trim her claws -- it's not hard at all!
New research shows felines don’t feel much for their owners.
One of the ironies of cat behavior is how cats are attracted to people who don't like them. By deconstructing the behavior of cat haters, we cat lovers can learn a thing or two.
Ever wondered why your cat keeps rubbing against your leg? Or why kitty goes crazy over catnip? Well, you're in luck. A new
2. The unnecessary, in-hospital “meet and greet.” The waiting room of your veterinary hospital is not like the dog park. Vet
"Cats show they're fond of other cats in three ways," he told HuffPost. "The tail-up/rub ritual; by resting in contact; and
This week in nerd news, we discuss whether or not your cat really wants you to pet him.
Who can ever truly understand the mind of a cat? No one. We may only observe their catishness from afar and marvel at its
The behavior of the companion animals we share our lives with is at times fascinating, frequently entertaining, and sometimes downright puzzling. Here are a few examples of how the furry love of your life shows affection.
8. If someone is rubbing your belly or caressing your neck, after a moment, move far enough away so that they can't quite
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