Video produced by Irina Dvalidze. Motion graphics by Adam Glucksman. Production assistance by Eva Hill. Watch the video above
How To Get The New Cat Eye
Spring has officially arrived. And another season means a new swath of sartorial trends being dictated by both the runways and the streets. Consider this your cheat sheet, a Cliff's Notes of sorts for how to best dive into spring's sartorial trends du jour.
Trends reigned supreme in this week's beauty roundup. We were swept away by soft waves and side parts, and the cat eye conquered
Keri Russell stars in a new TV show, a Cold War thriller called The Americans. The screening was a few nights ago, and here are a few photos I captured of Keri right before she got dressed for the night.
Well, mine are black, Tom Ford and I love them. They are, however, different from the cat-eye glasses of my mother's youth
In our series FaceTime, we find inspiring girls around New York City and get the secrets to their look. This week we met