cat eye liner

Makeup this time of year can also get extra creative and vibrant, especially if you're heading to a dinner party/glam gala/no-holds-barred night of karaoke carols.
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2. Extend the liner from the lower lid line and draw until you reach a desired length. 1. Tightly line the upper lash line
Oh, the ever elusive cat-eye. From Cleopatra to Adele, this iconic makeup look can take you from innocent to bombshell with a simple sultry flick of a black eyeliner pen.
Jean Shrimpton may not have liked being photographed, but there's no question that the English model and actress knew how
[Ed. note: We strongly suggest attempting this in your bathroom mirror, first.] Photo/Art: Raydene Salinas So, when we found
The blonde beauty showed up at Paris Fashion Week on Wednesday (March 5) to attend the Louis Vuitton show looking gorgeous
Step 4: To clean up any mistakes or to refine your line, use an angled sponge with a little concealer. Winged eyeliner is
Ginnifer Goodwin, 2013: We're getting major Audrey Hepburn flashbacks with Goodwin's combination of a cat-eye and short cropped
Since we won't be flying off to Italy any time soon, we'll take what we can get.
Seen on icons from Sophia Loren to Brigitte Bardot to Angelina Jolie, cat-eye liner remains one of the most classic -- and