cat fight

Like a ninja of feudal Japan, he stealthily stalks his mark, striking out of the shadows when the moment is right. Like Us
A compilation of dogs breaking up cat fights.
The animal food chain is fairly straight forward, a higher up animal preys on the lower.
Meow you can see what's keeping you up at night, first-hand! Here's the description of the video by YouTuber "N Ferg": A
We've seen cats in a wide array of stand-offs, usually with a variety of inanimate objects. Mirrors, printers --you know
This fearless kitten puts scaredy cats to shame in his brave fight against what appears to be a terrifying ghost. Watch the
It seems that one of the women, a regular bingo player, was upset that the other woman in the altercation had set up a table
However, the brawl was not out of character for the costumed folks. In 2010, police started cracking down on the many costumed
WATCH: We happened to stumble across this adorable video of two cats squabbling, and we couldn't help but be reminded of
And sometimes, a wild melee can involve two acrobatic brawling felines and a pair of feisty birds willing to pick a fight