cat lady

And what people get so wrong about it.
The time the Chinese-American performer became “white” in Africa.
We're on the verge of kitten season, that meow-gical time of year when animal shelters are overflowing with felines who need
I've come back to Santa Fe from my home in Los Angeles because Mother is ill with throat cancer and undergoing chemotherapy. All her teeth have been removed and her dentures look ridiculous, but I tell her she looks the same. She seems to believe me.
Let's face it: whether we have dogs, ferrets, birds or cats, we're all pretty crazy about our pets. So, why are women with cats commonly called "crazy cat ladies," as though they've just been branded with the scarlet letter?
And if you're not into reading the mag, at least start paying special attention to their AMAZING Instagram, a cat-lovers
Major cuddles happening #CatLadyPride — Alexandra Banda (@LexBanda) September 10, 2014 We love
Smartly, Dr. Forsythe does't venture into the human drama ("I wouldn’t even try to pontificate the answer to that one for
She liked just about anyone. But most of all, this darling animal loved me, keeping tight company with me through good times and bad. She was never "just a cat." She was just a great cat.