cat memes

This election has been exhausting - to say the least. Thus, it's important - as Americans, and humans - to do our duty, and
In 100 years, we went from cat memes to grabbing 'em by the p***y.
Get ready to LOL at the less-than-amused expressions on the faces of the dressed-up kitties. The funny spot by Virgin Mobile
His surprise, however, might be because he's more of a dog person: He admitted to never posting cat pics online, but says
Cats are low-maintenance pets. They smell better than dogs. Cats will never eat your baby. They'll never hump your leg. They don't need to be walked, and they bury their poop.
Let's just cut to the chase: without confidence, we're all doomed. Doomed to remain stuck in the here and now of what passes for our personal existence, blaming the haters and/or Congress for standing in our way. Let's be honest: the only person standing in our way is ourselves.
[h/t BuzzFeed] Cat memes have been around for much, much longer than we thought. Human-Animal Studies Images blogger Corey
May I present to you the best, and most puzzling (and therefore winning) answer to any cat meme you might be shown: Cats In Pajamas by Bay Area smart alec band GNARBOOTs.
Often designed for spreading original jokes with friends and having them gain momentum, memes are now the ultra popular bits of content that provide us with the occasional stifled laugh from our cubicle.