When you look at current technologies, are there moments for you as a producer when you look back at your earlier records with Donna Summer, Blondie or David Bowie and others and say, "I wish we'd had this technology back then"?
Unihabitat Cat people and dog people are often at war. This luxury item is sure to make peace for at least one of the battles
6. Their athletic energy and agility makes playing with them all the more fun. 13. Cats are caring creatures and if you let
Those differences were seen in a fascinating new study (see video above) by scientists at the University of California, Berkeley
If you're single and ready to mingle, run to your local animal shelter. Now. A survey by Match.com and PetSmart Charities
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My stray-cat radar had heightened to almost hysterical proportions. The reason wasn't lost on me. Even as I breathlessly rescued one more starving kit, I knew that my clanging biological clock played a role.
As we've learned time and time again, if humans acted like pets there would be no living with them. Unfortunately, for Pleated
Today is the 10th anniversary of sharing my life with a cat. (Which is longer than two of my three marriages, but that's another story.)
2012-06-14-caradog.jpgIs there any truth to the idea that cat people and dog people are fundamentally different? Do people really look like their pets? What does the science say?
Were Ingrid Bergman and Edward G.Robinson offered choice roles in The Planet of The Apes? Did producer Val Lewton make a grave error in 1943's "The Seventh Victim?" Was stongman Steve Reeves ever cast as Tarzan?
We'll get to the cats in a moment, but first, we have a bigger viral video issue to deal with: the lack of proper attire
And in case you were wondering, we're pretty sure the person who placed this ad can be seen somewhere in this: If you're
Just in time for Halloween, Scouting NY put together a list of the best horror movies that take place in New York City.
While the 63-year-old Schrader began his career as a critic, he quickly segued into writing then directing. His list of credits