cat training

It's no surprise, perhaps, that the overwhelming reason both groups disapprove of cats roaming kitchen counters has to do
You have some options open to you that go beyond taking your feline to the animal shelter or rehoming her. First, learn just why all cats scratch. Second, learn to trim her claws -- it's not hard at all!
Why do our feline companions get such a bad rap?
"Dogs are true professionals, but cats are more like employees you would fire."
When you have your scratching surfaces ready to go, they need to be placed where they'll be used. Remember, clawing is in part a marking behavior for your cat, so it's likely she's returning to the same place to scratch.
New study says that dogs have bigger brains relative to their body compared to cats. But does that mean that dogs are actually smarter? Or that cats are dumb?
Now why cats don't just leave when they're fed up I don't know. Because it really depends on the cat and the situation. Could
Cats are small, they don't bark, they are independent, and they're like having a bit of the wild in your house.