catalonia independence

Today was a dark day for Catalonia, Spain, and Europe.
These elections show an unprecedented divide in Catalan society. Politicians and policies capable of healing wounds and weaving a new space for coexistence are needed. Catalonia, as of now, is at the center of the campaign for the general election.
This process can't be fought politically by attracting and seeking more allies, but always from a popular "particularism" that respects the feelings and values of the Catalan nation and does not easily limit itself to denouncing them as obstacles.
Let's be clear: the Catalan elections on Sunday, September 27th, are exceptional due to the explosive mix of emotions, political debate and intensity that have inoculated Spanish politics. But, the previous notwithstanding, will they be the first step towards an independent Catalonia?
Political movements carry an importance that is independent of sport, however much sport happens to entangle itself in those movements; and merely because it is predictable that this occurs does not necessarily make it acceptable.
The "consultation of citizens" plebiscite in the wealthy northeastern region followed a legal block by the central government
It was the first official move to prepare for the planned Nov. 9 vote on separation from Spain since the Constitutional Court
By Julien Toyer "If we don't get a referendum people will just get more frustrated," said Bernat Cabero, a sculptor who lives
Mas had tried to ride the separatist wave after hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated in the streets in September