The great new comedies that feature talking animals and endearing narcissists -- and sometimes both.
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In what should be another colossal embarrassment for the United States -- recently leaked internal documents show how little our government is prepared to take responsibility for the damage done by climate change.
Uncertainty in exactly how something happens does not translate into uncertainty that it is happening. There is no rational basis for denial of the reality, or the risks, of global warming. And there is no excuse for ignoring it.
As we all face moments in our family, our nation or on our planet when neighbors are going through a living hell, we need to work harder at giving enough comfort and support to mourners in catastrophe.
Why don't we go out of our way, disrupt our daily routines, and demonstrate compassion more frequently? What is it that makes it so difficult?
It could be difficult for human civilization to survive a global catastrophe like rapid climate change, nuclear war, or a pandemic disease outbreak. But imagine if two catastrophes strike at the same time.
This tragic coming-of-age story chronicles the parallel disintegrations of the world and the life and family of Julia, a sensitive 12-year-old girl living in a sleepy suburb of California.
A natural-disaster -- and damage to your house - can leave you feeling vulnerable. Along with repairs and reconstruction, you may see a long insurance claim stretching out ahead of you.
When tsunami alerts reached the coasts of so many different countries, it inevitably triggered a feeling that challenged everything that was known, as we collectively faced the uncertainty of the future.
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