Couples can save considerable money through creative scheduling, direct planning and most important, treating their wedding as just one of many financial issues they'll navigate in a lifetime. That's why they might want to consider a little financial planning before the wedding planning starts.
In the Greenmarket on Saturday I bumped into my friend who I hadn't seen in a while. "How is life? How's catering?" he asked. Life is good -- that part is easy. As for catering, I was familiar with that assumption of severe dichotomy (great life, horrible work). "Busy!" I affirmed -- the expected response. And then I added, "Kind."
I spent a lot of time cooking in OPK (other people's kitchens) before I started my own company and the biggest gift was learning all the things not to do.
I remember when the idea of sushi would send anyone who heard about it into fits of nausea. Raw fish! Yecch. Now, fuggedaboudit. There's a sushi place on every other block!
It's estimated that some 14 million meals and snacks will be served in Olympic Park throughout the Games. Jan Matthews, head of catering at the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, or LOCOG, describes it as "the biggest peacetime catering operation in the world."
Despite the desperate backgrounds of Homegirl Café trainees -- everyone is either a previous gang member, drug addict, previously incarcerated or all three -- the place has a sunny interior, colorful artwork on the walls, and food that is fresh and delicious.
As a mompreneur, Leslie Danelian has less guilt than many as she waited for her kids to be in college until she opened the Sweet Butter restaurant.
I get emails everyday during the summer months from wedding planners, chefs and caterers. This story is for you. Lord, I have lived the pain.
There I was with one of my best friends from cooking school. and we were in charge of serving 1,600 fancy, famous people dinner after the awards ceremony. For crying out loud, we were at the Oscars.