catherine steiner-adair

So consider mindfulness -- and on some level, a form of meditation -- to live deeply and within the moment. And if you don't buy into the critical benefits of such a practice, just ask my shoes.
My parents are the worst!" says one fourth grade boy. "My mom and dad are always checking their email or texting people. And if I try to ask them something, they're like--" he turns his head slightly away from me, looks down and puts his hand up like a crossing guard signaling, STOP.
Do your kids spend more time Photoshopping your pet than actually petting it? Do you have to remind them to maintain eye contact when visiting grandparents? Are they lost in their phones as we "speak"?
Catherine Steiner-Adair joins Lori Leibovich and Caitlyn to discuss parenting in the digital age and how technology has affected the family dynamic. With back to school season upon us, now is the time to set boundaries for kids and establish an order for all things digital.
Steiner-Adair says that what came up again and again during her interviews with hundreds of kids was how frustrated, sad