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Prosecutors say the suspects hatched a scheme to steal money meant to help homeless Minnesotans find housing.
The defeat in the Senate of the “skinny repeal” of the Affordable Care Act was a major victory — one brought about through
Here are some of the many ways you can help nonprofit groups in your community.
Catholic Charities of New York has worked hard and accomplished much over the last 100 years. As we enter our next century
“This program is going to give hope and belief to people that they can make it.”
“I want to be very clear. We can’t find any social or moral justification, no justification whatsoever for lack of housing."
In the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia, the adoption process begins far from the sphere of Pharaohs. Discreetly located in a Burke office park, the Catholic Charities Center for Adoption and Pregnancy Service has a staff of licensed social workers to assist birth and adoptive parents.
In British Columbia, I was sponsored by an elderly couple, to whom I owe a debt of gratitude. I learned to speak English
“I will do all in my power to support her leadership and passion in working to respond to the growing needs of the underprivileged
Every weekday from 7:30 a.m. to noon you are likely to find Crawford selling papers on the corner of 19th and M St NW. That is the same corner where on February 2, 2010, Crawford's luck took a turn for the better. It was there that he met Reed Sandridge.
People who know Anna Babin speak of her deep faith in God and the tenacity she developed as a young girl which gives her the strength to confront problems from which many would shy away.
Today's easy citizenship does not require much of us. Taxation enables us to support common projects and voting to elect candidates that a majority supports. But there are far too few experiences that bring us together in shared community and national purpose.
The stories sound incredible, but they're true. Too many local governments think the homeless should just go away and stop depressing everyone with their mere presence. Or at least find another town to live in.
Christians of the world are calling on our leaders to act. We are not asking for anything more than we know can be done. Join us in prayer at noon on Dec. 10 and together we can create a world in which the lowly are lifted up and the hungry are filled.
Each archbishop has personally put up $100, which will go to the Catholic Charities of the winning team's archdiocese. Will
“In carrying out charitable works the Catholic organizations shouldn't limit themselves merely to collecting and distributing