Catholic Church

He also offered some advice on how to break the habit "so you will not have temptation in hand."
Director Kathryn Ferguson re-centers the singer-songwriter as the icon she rightly is. But that comes with limitations.
The Pontiff has met with transgender people both individually and in groups over the course of his pontificate.
"This was just another of the many signs barraging me throughout my senior year of college. A gut-dropping confirmation of my greatest fear and my greatest certainty —God was going to make me be a nun."
This isn’t the first time the Bishop of Rome has compared the medical procedure to employing a professional assassin.
The FBI has opened a widening investigation into sex abuse in the Roman Catholic Church in New Orleans going back decades.
"Being for life always means defending it against the threat of firearms, a leading cause of death of children in the U.S.," chided a Vatican spokesperson.
The head of the Nativity School in Massachusetts says flags declare "all are welcome," representing "value of inclusion rooted in Catholic teaching."
In an interview with an Italian newspaper, Pope Francis made some noteworthy comments about the Catholic church and same-sex civil unions.
Lawmakers in southwestern Nigeria say more than 50 people are feared dead after gunmen opened fire and detonated explosives at a church.