Why do we keep fooling ourselves into believing that one pope can fix the deep-rooted problem of homophobia in the church?
Gramick and executive director Francis DeBernardo led a pilgrimage of 50 homosexual Catholics to the audience in St. Peter's
"Children are our hope for the future,” the letter stated. “Not every generation is given a chance to decide about the future
Lonnie Billiard taught theater and English at Charlotte Catholic High School for more than a decade. After retiring in 2012
The conservative Catholic website Rorate Caeli claimed the report's welcoming attitude toward homosexuality is “destroying
The Vatican’s chief spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, said the first document was only a “transitory text” and suggested
John Smeaton, co-founder of Voice of the Family, called the relatio simply "one of the worst official documents drafted in
Vatican court head Cardinal Raymond Burke took his opposition to gay marriage to a new low in an interview with LifeSite
A spokesperson for Saint Mary's, a Catholic women's school, told South Bend Tribune that the college would also immediately
"There obviously is polarization, and certainly what I want to do is try to effect some healing," Warfel said Saturday. "At
Homosexuality, he has written, “must be understood in the context of other human disorders: envy, malice, greed, etc.” “Based
I am so very proud of Colleen Simon, who has handled this whole mess with amazing grace. She reluctantly agreed to have this
Catholic League President Bill Donohue exclaimed "we're being besieged," during an appearance on CNN with Chris Cuomo. The
The national poll — conducted the last week of September — also showed that American Catholics have a favorable (53 percent
I cannot consider the pope's words a step forward for the LGBT community as long as loving the person whom God intended for each of us to love is still seen by the Catholic Church as "sinful."
While Catholics in general are supportive of LGBT people, the church is still perceived as unwelcoming. This seems to indicate that the church is so identified with the positions assumed by its leadership that the reality among "rank-and-file" Catholics is rendered meaningless.
Pope Francis reassures me, an atheist, that the "good" that I do will lead me to meet someone along the way -- but what about the fact that I'm a lesbian? Is doing "good" enough for only one divergence from the faith?
Government leaders have accused the protesters of turning radical and criticised the increasingly frequent presence of aggressive
According to the Detroit Free Press, Archbishop Vigneron said that Catholics who support gay marriage "deny the revelation
We are by no means asking the Church to change its views on same-sex marriage, nor are we seeking validation or celebration of our sexuality by the Church. What we ask is to be treated with dignity and respect at our university.