Over the past two years, the term "spiritual rape," used by Mikey Weinstein to describe the unwanted and aggressive proselytizing of members of our military, has become one of the most popular go-to quotes in the world of fundamentalist Christian websites.
Neither public servants nor clergy nor holy books nor heroes are infallible. Battling obscurantism does not mean we are saints of any kind. It means we will not accept a tyrant's bogus paradise, and are free to form our own words and images and make up our own minds.
Donohue said his decision to withdraw has nothing to do with a bias against gays or a disagreement with New York’s Cardinal
Religious radicals are marketers of mistreatment, and it's time to call them on it. It is amazing what indecent things some people say and do in the name of decency.
The very first thing we all need to do today is thank the LGBT Pride committee in New York City for letting Bill Donohue march in the parade. And the second thing we all need to do, later on in the day, is buy ourselves or someone else a cold Guinness.
All three beer companies released statements emphasizing their commitment to equality. Guinness told The Huffington Post
Catholic League President Bill Donohue debates the merits of gay marriage with CNN's Chris Cuomo. Read more on CNN
The film takes artistic license, but the key details are true: Philomena, 50 years after her 3-year-old son Anthony was taken from her at the Sean Ross Abbey outside the Tipperary town of Roscrea, breaks down and tells her other children the long-kept secret about the older brother they never knew.
Outspoken lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights advocate and author Dan Savage is no stranger to courting
In saying "I have never been a right-winger" in the same interview in which he's criticizing the church for being too "obsessed" with gay marriage and abortion, Francis is hitting at those Catholic leaders who use gay rights and abortion to wield political power, putting them on notice.
Since the repeal of DADT, the stakes in the battle over religious freedom for our men and women in uniform have become much higher, and as the stakes have gotten higher, the lies have gotten bigger.
Kia Makarechi joins Mike to discuss the Catholic League's position on David Bowie.
It's perhaps unsurprising that the Catholic League would use the word "bisexual" as a slur, but it's entertaining to see
Nevertheless, Donohue maintains that Catholicism has been unduly singled out by Maher to a degree that demands Time Warner
Donohue also contrasted the Internet's efforts to save Elton to Washington State's euthanasia laws, which he claimed may
"Practicing Christians, along with observant Jews, Mormon, Muslims and millions of others, accept the biblical teachings
During the many years that we three faith leaders have worked together, we have realized that simply choosing one side or the other in a polarized situation will never help.
Keeping it classy, Bill Donohue took a different approach: See Other Causes Of The Catholic League's Bill Donohue Bill Donohue
Last month, Savage faced a backlash after his obscenity-laced speech at the National High School Journalist Conference in
Larry David probably didn't help the situation when he said his dressing as a nun made him understand why they are so mean