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Many were angered at its implication of support for all kinds of families.
There's a "freshness" to the head of the Catholic Church.
On Friday May 22, I am going home to vote YES to Ireland's historic Marriage Equality Referendum, giving its LGBT citizens the right to marry. As my mother used to say, "I never thought I'd live to see the day."
“Oh my gosh. ... What? ... HOLY COW!” he said. "Star Wars: Episode VII -- The Force Awakens" opens in theaters on Dec. 18
"Heaven meant a lot so Jesus Christ had to struggle; he had to suffer," Johnson said. "So if it means a lot to us, we're
The Catholic Church has maintained strict doctrine against gay relationships, in addition to the expected celibacy of priests
It's refreshing to discover a noteworthy female protagonist in Cate Harlow. She's the fiery private investigator in author Kristen Houghton's latest endeavor, For I Have Sinned.
Read more on Catholic News Service Carmona, a fourth-year theology seminarian who was entering his final year of preparation
Poet John Donne famously recognized the similarity of sexual and religious ecstasy. Born Catholic, he became an Anglican priest and the Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral, as well as a poet both bawdy and religious.
How could an innocent baby be held accountable for the actions -- or lack of actions -- of some stupid adult? There was some mistake. Nervously I stood and I asked, "Sister, are you sure this is right? I know God wouldn't do this."