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Welcome to another day where reality is stranger than fiction.
Many were angered at its implication of support for all kinds of families.
There's a "freshness" to the head of the Catholic Church.
On Friday May 22, I am going home to vote YES to Ireland's historic Marriage Equality Referendum, giving its LGBT citizens the right to marry. As my mother used to say, "I never thought I'd live to see the day."
The network focuses on “building bridges between the dominant popular culture of the Western world and the religious culture
In May, Johnson will be a keynote speaker for a conference about race: The St. Martin De Porres Conference, May 8-9 at the
Among the stories is one about "Fr L," who was ordained in the 1990s and later ended up sleeping with another priest. Weafer
It's refreshing to discover a noteworthy female protagonist in Cate Harlow. She's the fiery private investigator in author Kristen Houghton's latest endeavor, For I Have Sinned.
Carmona, a fourth-year theology seminarian who was entering his final year of preparation for ordination as a transitional
Poet John Donne famously recognized the similarity of sexual and religious ecstasy. Born Catholic, he became an Anglican priest and the Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral, as well as a poet both bawdy and religious.
How could an innocent baby be held accountable for the actions -- or lack of actions -- of some stupid adult? There was some mistake. Nervously I stood and I asked, "Sister, are you sure this is right? I know God wouldn't do this."
I look around and see the blank stares, the fidgeting, the eye-rolling and it depresses me. It's not that people are unwilling to listen or that they don't want to be there. They're in the church on a beautiful fall day. Obviously they want something, but it's not this. I can assure you.
"The church does not have the authority to change her doctrine on the Sacrament of Holy Orders, which has been passed down
There used to be many of these schools, and now there are almost none. This is a trend that mirrors the overall decline in the number of priests in the United States.
"In the 12th century, the Church basically said that if you wanted to be a priest you had to accept celibacy in a mandatory
The celibacy pledge required of Roman Catholic clergy runs counter to human nature and has contributed to a priest shortage. Is it time to end the 900-year tradition? Jamie L. Manson, Father Albert Cutie and Reverend Paul Sullins Ph.D. join Marc to discuss.
Is it possible that the next pope might revisit this and change centuries of Catholic tradition?
Then, in a 2010 statement, the pope offered more specifics. Like Burkemper, Maus and other Catholic seminarians were told