Catholic school

Police arrested the teacher on Thursday after she confirmed students' reports that she had threatened students and had a "kill list."
The head of the Nativity School in Massachusetts says flags declare "all are welcome," representing "value of inclusion rooted in Catholic teaching."
Phil Saviano played a pivotal role exposing decades of predatory assaults by Roman Catholic priests.
Over 200 schools closed or consolidated amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to the National Catholic Educational Association.
Dioceses received taxpayer-backed aid while sitting on over $10 billion in cash, short-term investments or other readily available funds, an investigation found.
Eliminating abortion is a "preeminent priority" for American bishops, Archbishop José Gomez said.
The flight of well-off families to private schools is just one more way COVID-19 has widened inequalities in the education system.
After lobbying for an exemption to what counts as a "small" business, Catholic dioceses and ministries were approved for at least 3,500 forgivable loans.
The high court determined that teachers at religious schools are not shielded from antidiscrimination laws.
Catholic schools from New Jersey to California are permanently closing their doors.