Catholic social teaching

The 2020 candidate, a Catholic, said the Republican Party's policies don't line up with the Gospel's commands to serve the poor and the sick.
On September 24, the world became a little poorer. Barbara Blaine, who to me embodied the Catholic social justice gospel
The Washington Post’s Michael Gerson is an excellent thinker. In fact, his columns have helped sustain at least one battered
The sisters say they are "united in opposition to the current Republican health care proposals.”
Second, we will need to re-weave our damaged social imaginary, the big shared story we have about who we are, what we want
What makes Sanders' speech special? There is a remarkable convergence between Sanders' criticism of the rapacity of today's global marketplace and Pope Francis'. This should not in itself be surprising.
What Pope Francis' teaches about capitalism, "the free market" and "market ideology" in his en-cyclical "Laudato Si'" is grounded in fundamental biblical insights, consistent with basic ethical principles and in harmony with long-standing and core elements of Catholic Social Teaching
These philanthropists are another group who will be looking for inspiration and challenge from the Holy Father on his visit to the United States.