Catholic theology

Kansas parents ask why this didn't happen to those who divorced and remarried or otherwise fall short of Catholic doctrine.
"Humanae Vitae" continues to have little real impact on the choices of American Catholic women.
It would disclose a high degree of vanity in me were I to announce that the end of the world would occur during my life span
Curiously though, like original sin, evolution also speaks of ancestral inheritance, and such an inheritance might argue
There were no witches. And there was no devil. All this devil lore in post-biblical Jewish literature so influenced emerging
I read something about transubstantiation, and it got me to thinking. In fact, I can't stop thinking about it.
The sad fact is that even many theologians, Catholic and other, have only a generic grasp of the council as a historical happening, and, hence, are led to pronounce judgments on it that are misleading and, generally, more negative than the council deserves.
Eccentric extremes, I suppose, can be controversial, even if sometimes understandable. What is less understandable is the arbitrary changing of ceremonial rubrics. If I were to place any bets, I'd say Pope Francis will make other ceremonial changes that will shock traditional Catholics.
St. Francis' whole program of the "Gospel Life," was about the renunciation of power that placed barriers between him and others, him and God, and him and the rest of creation. Pope Francis seems to understand the significance of his name.
As a Christian American studying international law half way across the world in Turkey, I'm constantly confronted with the question of Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations." But in this era, Turkey doesn't have to abandon Islam to progress as a democracy and realize human rights.
For all the imponderables, Benedict's resignation has left the papacy, and the whole of the Church, rather more solidly on terra firma than might at first appear.
Bottom line: If the pope can resign, the rest of us can say goodbye to the cult of suffering and the cultic exaltation of the priesthood -- and we can welcome women to the pulpit, the poor to our table, and the laity to the exercise of their own common sense.
It is often assumed in today's largely secular society that attending a parochial school will lead to a parochial mind. I think I thought this, too, when I entered a Catholic high school.
Our generation needs to set aside the cultural hostility toward Catholicism and take another look. The resignation of Pope Benedict gives us that opportunity.
When Cardinal Ratzinger became Pope Benedict, virtually everyone wanted him to do well and to lead the Catholic Church toward the highest values of love and justice in the global world of faith. There was reason for hope.
Benedict's discernment in appreciating the frailties of advancing years and his wisdom in acting accordingly are extraordinary. But the question of his legacy arises. How do we put his career into perspective?
* * * The once-outsider church was now well-rooted on U.S. soil, but in Southern California, where young George grew up, Catholics
We're so used to it. The religious observers take it for granted and the Winter Solstice crowd keep dreaming of a White one. But for the struggling believer, the challenge is to recover the shock of it all.
As Catholics, we need only follow our faith and the conscience that guides it, to realize that World AIDS Day is an opportunity, and a call, for us to exercise faith in action.
In September 1979, Catholics throughout the United States witnessed a unique and telling moment: a respected and revered Catholic leader and a much loved and widely recognized Buddhist Spiritual King encouraging Catholics and Buddhists to open up to one another.