Catholic University

And “first and most obviously" don't be a "political partisan," he told law school students in 2015.
It's the third swastika found on campus since the school year started.
I’m not a big fan of walking out on anybody about whom I may have had a negative preconception to begin with. Either I show
Perhaps God has continued to wink at us in ways both small and larger ways through harsh decades, offering hope and promise, despite pervasive corruption and "spiritual diseases" and betrayals akin to what has been happening, but previously ignored, in Rome.
A planned screening of the biopic chronicling the life of gay-rights pioneer Harvey Milk was scrapped at the Catholic University
KRE/AMB END GIBSON (RNS) Dozens of Catholic leaders are protesting the decision by the Catholic University of America to
“The policy comes as quite a shock,” Nancy Unger, a history professor at Santa Clara, said to NBC. "There was no discussion
Did you ever wonder what the difference is between a Catholic university and a public (non-sectarian) university and what they have in common?
For the remaining events in the Corcoran's "Take It To The Bridge" summer series, co-presented by Washington Project for
Georgetown University senior Tanisha Humphrey said hearing similar "horror stories" from friends motivated her to advocate