Joshua Payne-Elliott, a social studies teacher, worked at Cathedral High School in Indianapolis for 13 years. He was fired for getting married.
The intimate service in the cathedral's side chapel will be limited to roughly 30 people, media included.
In a 600-word letter to the editor of the student newspaper, a woman said her sons should not have to see young women in leggings.
"It’s been the hardest spiritual practice I’ve ever committed to," Sister Susan Francois told The New York Times.
Plus: Brave female pilgrims in India visit a temple despite threats and violence.
In Catholic school, dead girls who avoided rape were role models. It's where I learned my sexuality didn’t belong to me, but any sins committed against it did.
All of my praying and self-exorcisms couldn't save me from what was really happening.
At least 50 people have witnessed "tears" coming from the bronze statue, according to the Diocese of Las Cruces.
Choosing a new religion can often be a fraught decision. These converts share their experiences with finding new faiths and what that meant for their families. (Supported by Netflix)
Jim Caviezel is in talks to reprise his role as Jesus in a sequel focusing on the resurrection.
Francis had previously called the accusations against Bishop Juan Barros "slander."
... and the right-wing bureaucrats Trump installed in D.C. might agree with him.
Rep. Matt Gaetz name-checks the Immaculate Conception, then can't explain it.
The pastor said Trump "defends the Christian faith more than any president in my lifetime."
With his defense of a controversial bishop in Chile, he's "re-victimizing every single child victim and putting himself in the abuser’s shoes.”
It's a match made in heaven for two Chilean flight attendants.
American Catholic women are ready to see female deacons preaching from the pulpit. But it's not up to them to decide.
Francis' trip to Chile has already been marred by protests against how the church has handled child abuse allegations.