Some 400 new lawsuits have been filed after California lifted a statute of limitations on childhood sexual abuse claims, Bishop Robert McElroy said.
The far-right lawmaker targeted the Catholics for Choice organization.
“It’s a bit strange, because humanity has a history of friendship with vaccines,” the Pontiff said.
American bishops insist the new one-shot vaccine isn't the preferred option for Catholics since it was developed using stem cells from the 1970s and ’80s.
It harms Christians' credibility when they prioritize abortion over other social issues -- such as racism and poverty, writes Bishop Mark Seitz.
The senior Catholic will walk free after he was convicted of sexually abusing two 13-year-old choirboys.
Rachel Peterson said she was accused of lying about her miscarriage so she could terminate her pregnancy.
"If Senate Republicans proceed with his nomination, they will be prioritizing policy aims over a woman’s report of an assault,” America Magazine editors wrote.
Even older Catholics, who are typically more religiously committed, have stopped going to church as often.