Catskill Mountains

Dutchess County also has two popular Rails-to-Trails routes, the 13-mile Dutchess Rail Trail between Hopewell Junction and
The Great Northern Catskills of Greene County, the lesser-traveled portion of the Catskill Mountains, is being re-imagined as New York's extreme adventure park a mere two hours from Manhattan.
Once upon a time, there was a popular slogan in the Catskills that summed up the reason why most residents living the antithesis of the American Dream in the region favored the building of casinos in the once renown resort area.
Perception is everything-and now is the time to start cleaning up our act and getting rid of the numerous eyesores that dot
Autumn in the Catskills is forever distinguished by the vivid aura of the wooded lands that define the vast number of forgotten back roads and trails in the mountains.
Comedy icons like Jerry Lewis, Jackie Mason, Rodney Dangerfield, Joan Rivers, and even Woody Allen were able to work and hone material during weeklong stands in front of packed, tough crowds, creating the style and rhythm of what we now consider modern stand up comedy.
Woodstock will forever be associated with the 1969 music festival that happened in nearby Belden, and there's plenty of hippie kitsch around town as a reminder. If you look past the tie-dye emporiums and energy healers, though, Woodstock has its own laid-back sense of style.
From the tip of Maine to the Florida Keys, America's Eastern region is a diverse area filled with just about every type of terrain an active traveler could want: mountains, marshes, lakes, cliffs, forests and so much more.
In this day and age, it's very hard to find a dedicated employee who has worked for one company that long. What really makes Connie unique? She is a professional waitress, through and through.
When we bought a place in the northern Catskills, we had our reasons.
iant strides are being made in LGBT rights everywhere, from President Obama's public statements, to Goldman Sachs's amicus brief in the DOMA case, to the Amazon Kindle "Husbands" commercial. But in my neck of the woods progress is more accurately measured in baby steps.
In the documentary Welcome to Kutsher's: The Last Catskills Resort, filmmakers attempt to revisit a time gone by and answer the question, "What was it about the Catskills, and Kutsher's in particular, that made going there such a unique and cherished experience?"
Every year in October I venture to Catskill mountains for a breath of the astounding aroma of the fall.
With graceful mountains and abandoned farms, Meredith has good wind and bad poverty -- Delaware County is one of New York's
Bow Bridge by Arienne Davey The Sherry Netherland bows to the Plaza, which returns the gesture on the southern park border
I saw myself gazing in the mirror, trying on Woodstock, and liking it.
He introduced his girlfriend as "my old lady." She was maybe 17. They were both stripped to the waist, lying in a zipped-open sleeping bag, like hundreds, thousands, of couples around them.
On the eve of the Tiananmen Square Massacre, musicians sang together in the Catskill Mountains, protesting not only the tragedy unfolding in Beijing, but the betrayals of 20th century socialism.