Catt Sadler

The former E! News co-host spoke to HuffPost about her fight to end pay inequality and why more men need to get involved.
“We shouldn’t have to make those choices of, ‘Do we or don’t we’” agree to be interviewed by him, she said.
Aileen Gram-Moreno claims that a red-carpet chat with Eva Longoria led to her termination.
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The actress is reportedly working on the project with former E! News host Catt Sadler.
“Countless women around the world experience workplace discrimination, and it must end,” Sadler said.
Sadler quit in December after discovering that her male co-host “made close to double” her salary.
Debra Messing wasn't the only actress who expressed solidarity with the former E! host during the Golden Globes red carpet.
Actresses including Debra Messing, Eva Longoria, Laura Dern and Sarah Jessica Parker challenged E! News on the red carpet about equal pay for women, after former E! News co-host Catt Sadler left her job when she discovered her male co-host earned double her salary.
“I was so shocked to hear that E! doesn’t believe in paying their female co-host the same as their male co-host,” Messing said.
After over a decade at the network, Catt Sadler is exiting from her roles at E! after discovering a troubling pay gap between her and her male co-host.
"How can I operate with integrity and stay on at E if they’re not willing to pay me the same as him?"
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