The Gila National Forest issued the decision amid pressure from environmental groups. Ranchers, meanwhile, have criticized the plan as animal cruelty.
“This is not a normal event,” said Brandon Depenbusch, operator of the Innovative Livestock Services feedlot in Great Bend, Kansas.
Imagine what it's like to rely on lip reading, and then everyone covers their face with a mask. Jamie Michelson shares her story.
Rancher says he's ready to make another stand over his right to stiff taxpayers for fees and fines he owes for grazing his cattle on public lands.
Swarms of skeeters are biting horses, deer and cattle and leaving them anemic and bleeding under their skins.
The cattle eye worm infection is only the second known case in humans, raising concerns about an upswing.
Painting stripes on cows can be amusing -- and it has serious advantages for cattle and humans, according to a study.
Knickers got his name because he palled around with a Brahman steer named Bra.