The upcoming Iowa caucuses could be make or break for some democratic candidates.
The new tele-caucus systems are aimed at boosting voter participation.
Ryan's dream now lies in tatters. It has become something of a nightmare, really. In fact, Ryan has had no more success in getting his caucus to agree on anything than John Boehner managed.
As it becomes clear to all but the most dedicated, and deluded, supporters of Bernie Sanders that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee, some in the Vermont Senator's camp have turned their attention to reforming the nominating process in the Democratic Party.
This whole caucus thing is a novelty for me. I grew up in California, a state that votes via a primary. When it was election time, I either mailed in my ballot or voted privately at a polling place. The idea of meeting with the neighbors to talk or debate politics seems so foreign, so...Iowan.
Woods "narrowed the field" after watching the GOP prez debate in Boulder, and she concluded that her "favorites are Ted Cruz
The Republican Party started out with 16 candidates and are now down to two highly unattractive candidates. The Republican Party is doing its best to block them so that the party could put forth a reasonable candidate.
Perhaps no process in the American electorate is less understood than the caucus. So I am here today, my fellow Americans, to help you better understand, and be more comfortable with, the caucus. It may be less confusing than you think!