More info: Lascaux. Tel: 05 53 50 99 10. Entrance fees: Adults 16 €; 10.40 € ages 5-12. Nocturnal visits
Hades. Naraka. Guinee. Xibalba. Though names may differ from one set of teachings to another, almost every religion on the planet features the concept of an underworld -- a place to which the souls of the dead are banished, for penance or punishment.
The Parisian project will follow the concept of the Carrières de Lumières, which has displayed in the past five years, since
These boom/bust cycles are caused, in part, by the lack of normal surface streams in karst areas. Surface flow moves quickly
It's no secret that the U.S. is home to some of the most beautiful national parks in the world. Less well known, however
I can honestly think of dozens of reasons I fell in love with Phong Nha, Vietnam, but I think it's best to narrow it down to a few. I think people should check out this place as soon as they can. Like, tomorrow. Here's why.
13 parks down, 46 to go! Photo credit: Stefanie Payne Stefanie Payne stands beneath a massive stalagmite at Carlsbad Caverns
The tiny town of Williston (less than 3,000 inhabitants) is famous for its peanuts and the festival that goes with it, but also for an incredible subterranean network of water flow and rivers.
Making discoveries, breaking legs, breaking mountainsides and records: that's been that kind of month. A really good month, all things considered.
Want to see the stars in all their glory? Here's where to go. Benagil Sea Cave - Algarve, Portugal Technically, the Benagil
Credit: Flickr/sciondriver Credit: Justin Tereveen Dallas, TX Underground rail and freight tunnels Back in the roaring '20s
The guide says the pictograph is one thousand years old, give or take one hundred. "You can't use carbon dating, because the paints are mineral based and not vegetable."
It was MEA days here Minnesota (no idea what the letters represent), and every year, the third week in October, students
Koryta uses the elements of the winter in Indiana to add chill to his story. Then he overlays that with any reader's feeling of claustrophobia by taking Novak deep down into the bowels of the earth. These isolated areas of tight space and total darkness play to all of our darkest fears.
Summer is well on its way in Italy. It's 6:30 a.m. The sand is still cool under my feet and the sun has almost finished rising behind the stillness of the Adriatic sea. The breeze carries the scent of oleanders, pine trees and magnolias.
It's often said that the Age of Exploration is over. Mount Everest has been scaled, Antarctica traversed, every inch of every vast desert or rainforest mapped with satellite imagery and laser ranging technology.
Modern-day explorers must look to other frontiers not yet mapped in any atlas: the bottom of the sea, for example, or faraway Mars. But sometimes we forget another unmapped mystery, often nearer at hand: subterranean caves.
Are you ready to gaze upon the marvels of water and wind erosion? Sure you are. Here are 16 of the world's most incredible sea caves.