The Cleveland Cavs guard said he won't visit Trump's White House and called out the president-elect's "racist, sexist bulls**t."
Sports is a big deal in this town. Always has been, always will be. Cleveland needed to win something, not for bragging rights, but to revive the soul of the people. We needed something to unite us.
Growing up in Cleveland meant two things for me: I was destined from birth to become a diehard Cleveland sports fan and I understood, at a very young age, misery. I was no different from most kids who grew up in the Land.
The 23-year-old Congolese center has gone from reserve to shot-blocking, sterling starter.
Despite the excitement over the Tyronn Lue hire, Cleveland has limped to an 11-6 record under its new head coach.
LeBron continues to dazzle, but his teammates are floundering.
"So, if I tell the truth," Kerr said, "it’s the equivalent of me knocking on David Blatt’s door and saying, 'Hey, this is
The league's second-ranked offensive efficiency unit operates like Inspector Gadget: Curry is the catalyst, but he is flanked
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