cbo report

WASHINGTON, Jan 26 (Reuters) - Obamacare will cost 7 percent less than expected over the next decade for federal subsidies
The Congressional Budget Office has released updated estimates on the Affordable Care Act's impact on both the budget and the health insurance industry.
Even with those gains, a good chunk of the country will still lack coverage. The number of uninsured in 2014 will be 42 million
Democrats are continuing to push for a minimum wage increase, yet conservative wisdom argues wage hikes for some mean less jobs all around. The latest analysis paints a less than apocalyptic outcome for raising the Federal standard, so where does that leave policy makers? Arthur Delaney explains.
As the Goldman analysis noted, many states and localities are raising minimum wages on their own in lieu of congressional
We have a running theme this week: the utter and complete failure of the Republican Party's vaunted "outreach" to certain groups of Americans who have been voting against them in droves.
"They rely on the research literature, and the way they rely on the research literature is they say, 'Well, there are all
Here’s a useful way to think about the choice of wording: When firms do not have enough business and decide to lay people
Democrats have emphasized the law's benefits for people who are sick, nearing retirement, starting a career or trying to
The next big legislative fight (raising the debt ceiling) is just around the corner, and the Republicans can't seem to agree on what to hold as hostage.