Drug smugglers will try just about anything, said Cincinnati's port director.
This figure surpasses the number of detention beds that Congress agreed to fund earlier this year.
Mark Morgan, President Donald Trump’s proposed nominee to be director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, earned the president’s affections by regularly appearing on Fox News to praise the administration.
Democrats have condemned the U.S. Border Patrol guards who fired tear gas at a group of migrants in Tijuana, Mexico.
Only one of the five officials testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee was able to answer a question from Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) about the family separation crisis at the border: what went wrong?
If people are continuing to be detained and screened that would not have been before the executive order was issued, then we may well have a constitutional crisis on our hands.
What seems like almost a tabloid style article -- You Won't Believe What Happened Next!-- is in fact a troublesome look into a little known part of the war on terror: our Constitution-free border zones.
A complaint to the Department of Homeland Security alleges agents broke protocol by not returning belongings to people they deported.